CANYON SPRINGS - July 14, 2018

Sixteen San Antonio LPGA Amateur Golf Association members qualified at our Chapter Championship and participated in the 2018 LPGA Amateur Golf Association Regional Tournament on July 14 at Canyon Springs.  Carrie McRee and Lettie Cantu will advance to the LPGA AGA National tournament on October 12-13 in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Carrie McRee - First Place Low Net, Championship Flight.  She shot 82.
Lettie Cantu - First Place Low Gross, Fourth Flight.  She shot 98.
Other winners...
Katie Wold - Second Place Low Net, Championship Flight.  She shot 87.
Linda Peterson - Second Place Low Gross, Second Flight.  She tied for First Place Low Gross with an 89 but lost in the playoff.  So close.
Marissa Martinez - Second Place Low Gross, Third Flight.  She shot 96.
Kathye McCall - Second Place Low Net, First Flight.  Kathye has a dual membership with San Antonio and Fort Worth.  She played with the Austin Chapter and shot 88.  Congratulations Kathye.
Other members participating...
Min King, Summer Pearce - First Flight
Shannon Schmoyer - Second Flight
Debbye Cannon - Third Flight
Lynne Grix - Fourth Flight

Scramble Team #1 - Fran DuBose, Julia Arthur, Shelby Baker, Ghyslaine Lockhart
Scramble Team #2 - Donna Brady, Dora Gonzalez, Patty Miller, Cathi Huizar
Friday Night Reception...
20180713_224039729_iOS.jpgLettie Cantu, Debbye Cannon, Julia Arthur

20180713_224059380_iOS.jpgShannon Schmoyer, Ghyslaine Lockhart, Linda Peterson

20180713_224132625_iOS.jpgKathye McCall, Min King, Lynne Grix

20180713_224240540_iOS.jpgPaulette Pilsner, Connie Hill-Slupsky

Saturday Lunch...
20180714_191219577_iOS.jpgMin King, Ghyslaine Lockhart, Julia Arthur, Debbye Cannon

20180714_191236630_iOS.jpgFran DuBose, Kathye McCall, Shelby Baker

20180714_202229389_iOS.jpgMelinda Hipp - our resident official.  Thanks for keeping everyone honest.

20180714_191258607_iOS.jpgDeb Eardley, Jan Mathis, Phillis Neal, Lettie Cantu

Our Lucky Member - Patty Miller won the 50/50 split pot.

Thank You...
Volunteers - Sandy Schulz, Kathie Widby, Kara Sagebiel, Deb Eardley, Lisa McCutchan, Linda Hearin, Jan Mathis, Lita Kiplin, Lisa Crew, Alison Cochrane, Phillis Neal, Connie Hill-Slupsky, Deb Humphries, and Lynne Isaacks.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you Paulette Pilsner for coordinating with National and organizing the volunteers.

Lyndol Watson and the Canyon Springs staff for their wonderful organization and great food.  You put on an awesome tournament.