Keeping An Active Handicap Account

As a member of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, one of your membership benefits includes a complimentary USGA handicap account with the My Golf Life system powered by GolfNet.

Go to LPGA Amateur Golf Asssociation and sign in. Once you login, find/click the Handicap Box on the left hand side. Follow the instructions to activate or update your account and keep your USGA handicap current. It only takes a few minutes to start entering scores to establish a handicap.

There are so many reasons to establish a handicap. The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is for golfers of all skill levels, and your handicap and index system is used for competitive golf events and the Chapter Championship.

You may be asking yourself why you don't play quite as well as your handicap indicates you should. It's really very simple, the USGA Handicap System is based on your potential ability, not on your average scores. The USGA tells us that the average player is expected to play to her course handicap only about 25% of the time.

So what does this mean statistically? The USGA Handicap Research Team has determined that your best score in 20 is normally only two strokes better than your Course Handicap. The probability of doing that twice in 20 rounds is only one in 50.

As you can see, when the USGA says that your handicap index reflects your potential, they really do mean potential.

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